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Ink is what’s for dinner

On Valentine’s Day my wife got me a really nice pen. At one point I had mentioned I was interested in trying a fountain pen again. I recall that I said it a little half-heartedly, so I’m fortunate that she filed it away.

She bought me a Lamy Accentfountain pen and it changed my life.

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Down with the Sickness

Do writers keep writing when they’re unwell? When Neil Gaiman has a cold, does he abandon his shack in the woods and just sit at home with a blanket and a cup of soup? I have a cold, and I found it difficult to think at work, so I retired early today.
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Northern Exposure Pt 2

I feel as if my creative energy has been sapped. I sat here staring at the screen, knowing I have this task I’ve set for myself to write something every day — but it kind of feels as if I’m out of mana right now and cannot do it.

Fortunately I know a few tricks. I’ll teach you one of them, since I’m an open source kind of guy.
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Link: I Write Like

Link: I Write Like:

According to this site I write like Cory Doctorow most of the time on my blog… the irony being that I found the site via BoingBoing. That either means I’ve assimilated the blogger style, or I have no style.* Probably the latter, because sometimes I write like Stephen King, Arthur C. Clark, and Nabokov (interestingly enough). It just depends on the input text.

Specifically, if I just link to stuff with some explanatory text (like this post) I sound like Doctorow; if I write fiction, I sound like Clark; and if I write personal, journal-style, or stuff from the heart, it sounds like Vladimir Nabokov. Wacky!

* Actually, I think if you put less than three paragraphs or paragraphs with only two sentences a piece is when you get Doctorow.