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Even Predator Likes Comics

Seen at Wizard World Chicago 2008.

Good times, a few more pictures here

Also, why are people finding me?

All of a sudden people are finding my photos on my flickr stream and requesting that I add them to various pools.

There’s an engrish one, the Dorothy pic of N., Mike Little Pony… All sorts of people are suddenly discovering and favoriting my photos, and I don’t know why.

Wooded Path (Wednesday Picture)

Just thought this looked cool.

In other news: I ordered my Vibram FiveFingers shoes directly from Vibram. Not sure if I’ll actually receive them or not.

1) They are very hard to get, frequently selling out
2) The web form does inventory tracking somehow, to prevent selling size/color combinations that are out of stock (you can’t add it to your cart if it’s out)
3) I tried to add an item to my cart, but found it was out of stock
4) However, the identical piece I added to my cart yesterday was purchasable today

This means either they reserved one for me, which is bad for all the other people who wanted to buy one between yesterday and today — and what happens if I never came back to buy it?
OR, they don’t check inventory at checkout time.

Either way, that’s sort of crappy software design.

Demanding Roommate

Saw this at a coffee shop in South Bend. Sorry it’s blurry, my cameraphone doesn’t do the macro so well.

At the bottom (and out of the picture) it says, “I am vegetarian, though you don’t have to be.” This actually translates to, “I am a vegetarian and will judge you for not being one.”

Seriously, who reads that note and thinks, “Damn, I’ve got 4 out of 6 of those requirements. If only I were mature and open-minded!”

It is not surprising that she is a female art student.

Sea Goddess (Saturday Pic)

Made this for my fiancĂ©e for Valentine’s Day, since she liked the other goddess I created so much.

It’s a little more creepy than the other one, but more because it’s enigmatic than anything really horrifying. I find sea-based totems to be that way, actually.

Maybe it’s because the ocean is still sort of the last unknown. You don’t expect horrible manticores wandering the land, but it’s plausible that the ocean will barf up some crazy monstrosity like this.

Sweet Userpic

A friend linked me to this livejournal userpic. *heart*

Stop! Hammertime!

Rancor Eats Barbie (Monday Picture)

You have to watch out for this. Rancor monsters are notorious for thier hatred of all Barbies.