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What I Learned Over Christmas Vacation

  1. try to get a direct flight if you are flying with a 2 year old
  2. If you can’t get a direct flight, try to optimize for short flights with long layover rather than short layover and long flights
  3. If you can’t or didn’t do that, make sure you have purchased a season or two of your child’s favorite show for watching on the ipad in flight
  4. Be prepared for people to be upset at your kid
  5. If you lose your ID on a trip, you can use other cards (and your family) to vouch for you. The price you pay for this is a TSA agent swinging his penis around so you know he’s in charge

We flew to Oklahoma to visit my wife’s dad. It was a fun trip and really neat to see flat lands once again. It can get a little claustrophobic living amongst the foothills, here. But it was also dry and cold and there was no green left in the world. We were all happy to come back to west of the Cascades where things are still green. We missed some rain and mist, and came back in time for the start of some sunny winter weather. Huzzah!

Still running, and am working my way up to a half marathon in March. Glad to live in the Pacific Northwest where it’s possible to train outside all year long!

Lastly, I purchased a new domain and am looking to migrate this site. Am tired of having a vaguely porn-sounding domain name. I will keep you appraised as things develop.

Link: My hometown is better than yours

My wife linked me to this article about Seattle. It’s all true.

I like the idea that it’s sunset for 12 hours a day. Absolutely true, that. Basically it’s golden hour all day — which is probably why it looks gorgeous to me all the time.

We do have some cloud-cover where we are right now (Issaquah, about 20 minutes East of Seattle), but we’re far enough away from the coast and into the foothills that I think our area misses a lot of it. Either that or global warming is burning it all off.

It’s pretty much perfect here. I may get kicked out for saying that.

Much too heavy

My posts have been way heavy the past couple months. I think part of that is because when I sit down to write I have it in my mind that I am Sitting Down To Write. That’s fun for awhile, but also a little tiring to read.

I need to shake it up a bit, so here’s a video I shot today. My wife and I signed up for Amazon Fresh, which is online grocery delivery. Only Seattle-area so far, so I guess we’re lucky on that count.

But the bonus is you get dry-ice with the cold stuff.

This is it

Every now and then I get visceral realizations, sort of stepping outside myself and seeing how things are going, how my life is, what I feel about things.

This evening I stood pensively watching the garage door close after putting the lawnmower away; I was sweaty, tired, and ready to sit down for the evening. Suddenly it hit me that I’ve got my own place, my own family, and my own routines.

I clearly remember not too long ago wondering what it would be like to be an adult, a husband, and a parent. I remember sometimes wondering if it would happen at all.

Surrounded by lawnmowers and washing machines and kitchens with dirty dishes, a pregnant wife listening to Robert Jordan on Audible, and cats stalking the living room, I came to understand that this is it.

So that is my belated 33rd birthday post. Thanks for helping me get here, everyone.

New (used) Washer and Dryer (Wednesday Pic)

N scored these via freecycle. Interestingly, they weren’t actually free.

Still, $150 for a washer and dryer (even used) is a pretty fantastic deal — though the kind that makes one wonder if the purchased items will actually work when hooked up.

Borrowed her mom’s truck (as well, her mom and step-dad came along to help move them) and drove down to Warsaw for ‘em. The lady selling them was a landlord looking to get out of the landlording biz. Probably a good thing, because she didn’t realize that one should keep the heat going in a house when the temperature is below freezing!

The hoses and hookups had ice in them, which gave me pause. Happily, when we got everything home and thawed, everything works perfectly. The washer is okay. The dryer is fantastic! This is the first dryer I’ve ever used that actually got my clothing dry!


Seriously, you don’t know how much of a stressor it was to have to schlep all our clothing to the laundromat. We’d let things pile up for three weeks, then there’d be one, massive load to wash. Now it’s easy like Sunday morning!


Somehow my Brita pitcher developed a growth of algae What’s worse is I don’t know how long it’s been like that, I only noticed because I let it run low and what I thought was green from the counter top was actually green from the water.